A solution adapted to your needs


SeeZam maximizes the confidentiality of information exchanges with your employees, partners and clients, simply, securely and with peace of mind. This virtual safe can be adapted to the specific needs of your business.



Your SeeZam virtual safe makes your life easier. File your pay slips, passwords, copies of passports and other private data, simply and securely, away from prying eyes and protected against fire and other accidents.

Confidentiality, Confidence, Communication

The highest levels of security and confidentiality are ensured, thanks in particular to a strong authentication procedure and military-grade encryption of your information.


Your sensitive information is centralized in a private, virtual space that can be accessed only by you, in a very simple manner thanks to its highly intuitive interface.


Share the information you want in your SeeZam safe with pre-authorized people for optimum confidentiality.

They put their trust in us
SeeZam at a glance!

Pierre Van Wambeke, SeeZam’s CEO, presents the principle and benefits of this innovative solution.