100%-secure management for your confidential information

Would you like to…

  • Guarantee the confidentiality of communications within your organization or exchanges with your employees or outside partners?
  • Send confidential information to your customers with maximum security at a minimal cost?

SeeZam is the solution for your organization

  • Private space enabling any type of IT format to be deposited and protected.
  • Maximum security and impregnability thanks to strong authentication, military-grade encryption and the guarantee that SeeZam cannot access the information in your safe.
  • Highly confidential exchanges with pre-authorized third parties (employees, suppliers, clients, etc.)
  • Customization as a function of your organizational needs (partial or total management, your branding, integration in your client space, etc.)
  • Automated distribution of information with the strictest confidentiality thanks to data encryption at your operating site.
  • An opening procedure in case of emergency in support of your DRP/BCP.


SeeZam in 6 benefits!

  • An ultra-secure digital fortress
  • Simplicity and mobility
  • Smaller environmental footprint
  • A competitive edge for your business
  • Stimulate the development of your customer relations
  • Fast return on investment

Find more details about SeeZam for your company in our brochure.