Your personal virtual safe

Simple, 100%-secure management of my personal information

Passwords, pay slips, copies of identity cards, insurance policies, etc. We have all the confidential information that you’ll need to find urgently one of these days. Sorting, classifying and centralizing these precious documents can be time-consuming! What’s more, are they really protected from prying eyes and from fires, flooding or other accidents?

SeeZam is made for you!

  • A private digital space enabling your personal information, in any IT format, to be deposited and protected. A few examples: copies of family registers, driver’s licenses, passports, work-related documents, leases, tax-related documents, loan documents, etc.
  • Maximum security and impregnability thanks to strong, certified authentication (Luxtrust, Belgian e-ID, Entrust), military-grade encryption and the guarantee that as your service provider, we cannot access the information in your safe.
  • Highly confidential exchanges with pre-authorized third parties (your friends and family, your employer, your insurer, etc.).

SeeZam in 6 benefits!

  • An ultra-secure digital fortress guaranteeing the secrecy of your sensitive personal information!
  • At last, all your important data are centralized with complete confidentiality.
  • Simplicity and ergonomics
  • Mobility: you have immediate access, wherever you are in the world, to your robust, secret safe.
  • Peace of mind: your data are protected from prying eyes. You alone have access to your safe, and you no longer have to worry about your precious documents being destroyed in a fire, flood or other disaster.
  • Eco-friendly: you’ll help the environment and save space, since it’s no longer necessary to print out your documents on paper to keep them securely.

Your confidential documents all in one central location!

Discover 123 examples of items that can be deposited in your SeeZam safe.