September 2018

Luxemburg Trade & Invest: SeeZam Only open to those with permission


Source : Luxemburg Trade & Invest, September 6 2018.

June 2015

Legimag: a unique legal context for data protection

Source : Legimag, N°10, june 2015.

April 2015

SeeZam : convince the market thanks to trust


Source : IT Nation, 23 april 2015.

January 2015

Antipode: Another way of seeing IT


Pierre Focant, Systemat Group CEO, talks to us about the SeeZam solution on Antipode radio.
Source : Antipode, 28 January 2015

October 2014

Le Monde de l’Assurance

SeeZam, a revolutionary solution for insurers, brokers and policyholders. Pierre Van Wambeke talks about it in Le Monde de l’Assurance (French only).

Source : Monde de l’Assurance, August 2014, Kluwer, p. 6 and 7.

May 2014

A very well-kept secret

The Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique shows how SeeZam is a solution that helps minimize risks (French only).

Source : La Libre Belgique, 10 May 2014, p. 4 and 5.

February 2014

SeeZam is even more secure with STIDIA

IT Nation talks to us about the close collaboration with STIDIA to ensure the highest level of security for SeeZam (French only).

Source : IT Nation, 14 February 2014.

October 2013

SeeZam cements the deal with Systemat Cloud

Pierre Focant, CEO of Systemat Group, explains why the Group is investing in SeeZam.

Source : L’Echo, 2 October 2013.