Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • FAQ 1: Questions “About SeeZam”
  • FAQ 2: Questions on security and confidentiality
  • FAQ 3: Troubleshooting
  • FAQ 4: Add a virtual trusted third party
  • FAQ 5: Soft Token  


  • FAQ 6: Easy and Quick access to my ePayslips
  • FAQ 7: SeeZam is not able to reset your password. You and your assistance contact have to be involved. It's a very secure protocol involving human action. Should you prefer to have a proven robot solution and to receive a Challenge 1 via SMS, you must select a virtual trusted third party (an independent server running in the infrastructure of a third party client company). In this video, you will discover how to add a virtual trusted third party.


  • On request of the support you can download this application for a remote support: Windows / MAC


The brochures below summarize the responses to your needs, as well as the functionalities and benefits of the SeeZam safe

  • Brochure for businesses
  • Brochure for the public sector (French only)
  • Brochure for HR-Accountants
  • 123 deposit ideas for my SeeZam e-Vault

The SeeZam OTP app

At any moment, use your mobile device to easily generate a strong authentication code so you can connect to your SeeZam account in total safety.

SeeZam OTP for iOS

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SeeZam OTP for Android

Get it on Google Play

White paper

Read the White Paper published by FedISA Luxembourg about electronic safes

PDF - 364.8 ko