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SeeZam votre coffre fort virtuel sécurisé SeeZam mes données personnelles en toute sécurité - Max, 52 ans, agent d'assurance SeeZam mon coffre fort ultra sécurisé en ligne - Sandra, 34 ans, jeune active SeeZam nos documents sensibles protégés en toutes circonstances - Tom, 40 ans, patron de PME

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Le Monde de l’Assurance - August 2014

Share your highly confidential data with your insurance company safely through SeeZam ... (article in french only)

Your SeeZam e-Vault now accessible from your Ipad

Good news! If you connect to your SeeZam e-Vault through a LuxTrust token...


Marc Lamesch, Partner at BDO

“As a leader in HR outsourcing services, BDO must keep abreast of all the latest innovations and offer solutions that ...

Your personal e-Vault

Collect, secure and share sensitive (and even secret) data in a virtual safe hosted in Luxembourg.

The service of electronic safe offered by SeeZam is available 24/7, from anywhere thanks to a strong authentication solution. Feel free to deposit any confidential information, digital document or personal data that you want to preserve or share with close relations of your choice.

We guarantee that we are unable to decipher your confidential and private data behind your back!

Don’t leave anything to chance! 

Your data protection ...

  • Theft: inventory, pictures
  • Fire: copy of your invoices
  • Access: passwords
  • Oversight: PIN code
  • Copy: passport, tickets
  • Death: last will copy
  • Wish: Organ donation?
  • Secure Login
  • Strong Authentication
  • Total Encryption
  • Sharing with contacts
  • Secure payment
  • Anonymity accepted

Your data protection ...

  • Theft, fire: customer documents
  • Oversight: Business passwords
  • Copy: Legal Documents
  • Sharing: HR, medical, ...
  • Emergency: who to contact?
  • Access anywhere 24x7
  • Total Encryption
  • Outside your walls
  • Exchange Security
  • Limit the prints
  • Categorization
  • Dates / alarms