Ultra-secure online safe: Peace of mind 

Nothing should be left to chance!

We are all living in a culture where money reigns. As a result, we often mix up price and value, forgetting to reflect upon what we really want.

SeeZam offers a web service that securely stores sensitive information you want to :

  • Remember (passwords, credit card codes, important dates, bank accounts…)
  • Keep safe (pay slips, copy of your ID papers, legal documentation…)
  • Share in case of emergency (organ donation form, insurance contracts…)
  • Distribute in case you pass away (Will, traditional estate planning, organ donation form, medical files…). Your loved ones will not have to search for documents or guess your wishes anymore!

With its unique multilingual web-based interface, the solution developed by SeeZam lets you share secured and encrypted data: SeeZam is the ideal way to centralize a wide range of personal information, safe from prying eyes and any disaster. 

A trusted tool in addition to your legal will

Confidential and private data are 100% encrypted and not readable by unauthorized users (including SeeZam’s team). 

The services offered do not try to replace a legal will. SeeZam is there to fill the gaps, providing users with a way to show designated persons how to access dedicated information.

Access to these data is based on 3 levels of authentication : from a basic level (offered for free) to a very strong level based on the highest standards.

A unique and innovative concept

Contrary to the information concerning the documents drawn in conjunction with your insurance company/notary/attorney/lawyer, etc (such as insurance policies, your legal will…) SeeZam is easily updated and offers dozens of templates (lists and inventory of insurances with pictures; final wishes towards organ donation, euthanasia, funerals, etc; finance; passwords ; “in case of emergency” information ; copies of official documents such as passports and ID Cards, etc).

“Hush”, “hush hush” or “hush hush hush”?

SeeZam enables you to classify your  sensitive data into 3 categories:

  1. Public- You share your data with anyone who has a SeeZam account
  2. Confidential- Your data are only available to contacts you have selected
  3. Secret- Your data are only accessible after your death.